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Bras And Sanitary Pads May Be Offensive To Some But They Are Being Used As Masks In China During The Coronavirus Outbreak. Who Would’ve Thought?

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If there was ever a versatile piece of clothing, it has to be the bra. It’s the boon and the bane of our existence. It can be a source of comfort and support, like a best friend or a the pain of your life, when the underwire decides to stab you. It can also come in handy to sneak in candies (the ones that won’t melt!) into movie theatres or extra cash in case of emergencies. The bra is as par with the invention of the wheel…at least for women!

But as fate would have it, the rest of the world is warming up to it and all it took was a deadly virus spread to accomplish. As stocks of masks run dry across China, especially the quarantined town of Wuhan, the population has resorted to alternative options to cover up their faces. From cut-up water containers to fruit peels and self-fashioned aluminium crafts, people are taking risky measures in these desperate times. But by far, the most interesting ones have been fashioned out of bras and get ready…sanitary pads!

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According to latest, there are more than 8200 confirmed cases of the viral infection worldwide and 171 deaths, all of them in China. The virus is on the spreading trend as well with at least seven people having contracted the disease in Australia. But nothing comes close to the scary situation in the origin country with surgical masks going out of stock. The situation is made worse by Chinese retailers who chose to hike prices for the masks that are available, a move they were fined by regulatory authorities immediately. But this kind of crackdown in the wake of virus breakout takes time, during which people have found their own ways to fashion protecting masks out of literally anything they can get their hands on.

Chinese authorities have warned people to throw their masks away after 4 hours of use, which is not ideal as a time when there is already such a shortage of the same. The most interesting aspect of the whole thing, according to us, is the sudden shift in the perception of Chinese people about these items. The country is known for its very conservative views on female sexuality and anatomy’ bras, tampons and pads being a taboo to be seen out in the open like such. Yet, they are now being used as barriers from the virus and may indeed help in saving lives.

The image of an action heroine using a pad to cover up her wounds or women from female prisons using pad-masks in times of a flu breakout in their cells are something we have seen on screen. Seeing it happen in reality now feels both absurd and frightening at the same time. May we suggest stocking up on protective masks just in case there is a massive outbreak and if not, you already have your trusty padded bras to help out. Make sure you don’t use the ones with lace or sheer paneling in them, while they’ll be cuter, it certainly wouldn’t work!

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