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Condom Brand Reveals Why Arnab Goswami Made The Famous ‘Sunny Leone’ Slip-Up

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Elections are essentially supposed to be nail-biters, getting people on the edge of their seats. But turns out this one was more of a meme fest especially after the hilarious slip-up made by Republic TV anchor Arnab Goswami, as he made the innocent mistake of addressing Sunny Deol as Sunny Leone.

As the people of the nation were busy laughing and tweeting about it, so much that Sunny Leone’s name is now top on trending, Manforce, the condom brand, came to Arnab’s rescue to let the nation know exactly why that slip-up happened.

They made a sly tweet that said, “Dear Arnab, we understand. She is always on our mind as well #NationKnows” and in all honesty, we couldn’t agree more. If you think about it, chances are you’d have more thoughts about the gorgeous Ms. Leone, for obvious reasons of course, as compared to our hand pump lover Sunny Deol here, who was the real BJP contestant for the Gurdaspur seat. Don’t get us wrong, we do love the Gadar actor too, but maybe he is good for running in the elections and not in our minds. Because that seat is taken (pun intended).

The best part is Sunny did not even have to contest for the Gurdaspur seat to be on Arnab’s or anybody else’s mind, which makes us wonder what would happen if she did. Turns out, Sunny Leone wondered about that too as she tweeted asking, “Leading by how many votes???? 😉 ?” Meanwhile the internet was in a fit of laughter, as it shared tweets about the slip-up.



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