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Which Star Sign Is A Taurus Woman Most Compatible With?

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We’re all guilty of skimming through the horoscope sections of newspapers, magazines, or websites. Whether we *actually* believe what’s in store for us or not is secondary. Finding relatable personality traits, anticipating the love of your life, checking to see if the money gods will be good to your bank account — reading what’s written in the stars is intriguing for most of us. We know how excited you get about reading your weekly Hauterscope, so keeping this month’s star sign Taurus in mind, here’s the lowdown on which sign is perfect for you, and which ones you should steer clear of.

Reliable, loyal, and a keeper, the Taurus woman is super ambitious yet sensuous at the same time. Since Taurus is an earth sign, Taureans will hold their ground at all times and keep you grounded too.

Great with their finances, ’em babes can handle their money and men quite well! If you are one, and need to know who you are most compatible with, then scroll down and go find them signs or maybe just wait for destiny to happen?


Taurus With Aries

First up, Aries is the predecessor of Taurus in the Zodiac cycle. They have a dynamic relationship, something that has both conflicts and a lot of attraction. Since Aries is ruled by Mars, and Taurus by Venus, they have a bit of masculine-feminine relationship happening.

Both are emotional signs and stubborn too, courtesy the horns. If they want to make it through, sacrifices are needed on both ends. One thing is for sure — if they communicate well, right from the beginning, be it a friendship or relationship, it will be the best ever!

Compatibility: 3.5/5


Taurus With Taurus

What happens when 2 identical horns clash? Sparks, of course! Their relationship is a deep, intellectual, and emotional one. There are way too many similarities and they would make for the ideal couple, only if one of them agrees to step down during difficult times.

Though they have shared interests, a Taurean is too stubborn to change, and it is something they don’t reflect well too. Apart from this glitch, their compatibility is at an all-time high.

Compatibility: 4.5/5


Taurus With Gemini

This is one relationship that is a big NO! They are not compatible at all and are literally poles apart. While Gemini is an outgoing person, Taurus peeps can stay cuddled in bed all day long. Gemini is the doer, while Taurus is the thinker.

Yes, opposites do attract, but in this case, it will take a lot to make a relationship between this air and this earth sign work. If they do, it will be nothing less than magic, but then magic doesn’t always happen! So, be careful?

Compatibility: 1/5


Taurus With Cancer

Known to be the gentlest combination in the zodiac world, Taurus and Cancer are a match made in heaven. I mean, literally. Both are sensitive, genuine, and want to stick it out in their relationship and give it their best.

Just like water and earth go hand in hand, these signs follow exactly that concept. Understanding, compassion, bliss, physical tenderness, and just the feeling of belonging, these signs are meant to be.

Compatibility: 4.7/5


Taurus With Leo

No, no, no! Leo’s haughtiness and love for everything shiny just cannot understand the calm and composed Taurus. While one is always excited, the other wants it to take a chill-pill and, in some cases, it may work, but in most, it never does.

The only way this relationship would work is if Taurus lets Leo dominate completely and take charge of the steering wheel. A lifetime of doubts with a few moments of love here and there, this would be a relationship that needs tons of adjustment, more than anything else.

Compatibility: 2/5


Taurus With Virgo

Another sign that our dear Taurus woman is extremely compatible with is Virgo. A major reason for this (and it is a little funny) is that they are both enemies with Aquarius. Hmmm. Their common hatred works out surprisingly well for them.

Taurus takes care of Virgo, who by nature, are not so open about their values and views, and get the love they need from Taurus. Virgo is one of the few signs that are more shy than Taureans, so this match lets the Taurean shine — somewhat.

Compatibility: 4/5


Taurus With Libra

It is difficult for Libra and Taurus to not annoy each other. Since both are ruled by Venus, they want intense, romantic relationships but not with each other. They have a love-hate relationship that is hard to decipher.

Or more like that Bollywood storyline, where the leads keep denying their fondness for each other till the end, and then suddenly fall in love, overnight. Yup, can be crazy for each other or just pull each other’s hair out!

Compatibility: 3/5


Taurus With Scorpio

These 2 signs can strike the perfect balance between physical and emotional relations, and can be the ones who give others what we call #relationshipgoals. But, of course there is a catch, because their relationship can be one that is deep and dark, with no way out.

And, at most times, they don’t want the out. They are both independent souls, all ready to blend into one and take on the world. Okay, not that much, but you get it, right?

Compatibility: 4/5


Taurus With Sagittarius

Sagi, the fiery sign, just cannot handle a Taurean. They bring too much emotional drama for them and Sagis can’t take on that responsibility. On the other hand, Taureans rarely get attracted to Sagittarians, so there is no binding formula to their relationship.

While romance won’t last, these signs can be best friends because, well, aren’t we used to handling emotional, dramatic, yet sensible friends? Yes, I know you gave the nod!

Compatibility: 3/5


Taurus With Capricorn

Taurus and Capricorn complement and motivate each other to do the absolute best. They are so well connected emotionally, that secrets between them are completely safe and secure.

It also works well because Taurus are slow and lazy, and Capricorns push them to make themselves proud. A positive relationship that will only go towards the right track of life.

Compatibility: 4.5/5


Taurus With Aquarius

Two different worlds that will never meet. They are the worst people to be in a relationship and, more often than not, it will break off sooner than expected. There are way too many differences between them.

If Taurus wants to walk, Aquarius will want to fly. They can never agree on anything — much like the stereotypical mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relations.

Compatibility: 1/5


Taurus With Pisces

This one’s a dream-come-true relationship, one with rainbows and butterflies! They are both full of love and when they give it to each other, the effect is what you see in movies.

They aren’t too talkative and often keep to themselves, but unlike other situations, the silence is comfortable. One thing that can be said is that when they love, they will not give up, even when the going gets tough.

Compatibility: 4.5/5


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