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#HauteSounds: Coldplay Debuts New Single Up&Up

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The world’s current favourite band Coldplay has just debuted a new single from their album A Head Full Of Dreams, and might we say, it really looks like the band had their heads in an alternate universe while conceptualising the video. Now don’t get us wrong — Up&Up is a pretty epic video. Just click above and you’ll know why.

Directed by Vania Heymann and Gal Muggia, the surreal video shows band members as giants walking among the clouds, fields, and mountains, there are eagles flying underwater, intergalactic highways, and assorted reality-bending visuals taking you on a rather trippy…err…trip. The video has been created out of exaggerated frames that contain objects in contradiction with each other. And yet, there’s a lovely positivity attached to it. Truly beautiful work.

Thank you for transporting us into your dreams, Coldplay. It’s pretty fuckin’ epic.


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