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10 Coffee Mugs You NEED This Monsoon!

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Well, well! Looks like the monsoons have finally arrived in the city. This weekend, there was a shower of rain that left the earth smelling absolutely divine! Is it just me, or do you all love the smell of wet earth? Pair that up with a mug of strong, hot coffee and you’ve got yourself a beautiful set-up  for a rainy day.

When it rains, there’s always an urge for a cup of hot tea or coffee. Sitting by the window, watching the skies pour as you sip on your hot drink and munch on a handful of delicious bhajiyas is an idyllic monsoon habit. You can always find me with some coffee and a good book when it’s raining outside!

When you’re as caffeine-addicted as I am, your coffee mug needs to show it. There is absolutely no excuse for a drab old mug. Respect your coffee by pouring it into a saucy mug, no? Coffee mugs do reflect your personality, you know. Now that it’s started to rain, you have no more excuses.

We’ve gone ahead and compiled for you 10 cool coffee mugs for every coffee lover. Take a look. Soon, you’ll have a cute coffee mug to keep you company when you’re stuck at home on a rainy day!


Good Earth Mug

Good Earth Rim Jhim Mug (Rs 650)

Muggle Mug

You Are My Favourite Muggle Mug (Rs 349)

India Circus Blue

India Circus Glory Of The Sun Mug (Rs 999)

FCML Forks & Spoons

FCML Platinum & Black Cutlery Mug (Rs 765)

Davra Mug- HU

Happily Unmarried Davara Tumbler Set (Rs 750)

India Circus White

India Circus Palace Of Dreams Mug (Rs 999)


FCML Black & Gold Tiles Mug (Rs 765)

Minion Mug- pepperfry

Pepperfry Minion Ceramic Mug (Rs 499)

Owls Mug- Chumbak

Chumbak Wise Owls Coffee Mug (Rs 295)

Nicobar mug (1)

Nicobar Flora Fauna Charcoal Stripes Mug (Rs 550)


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