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This Performance Is The One Thing You Should Watch This Month!

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Is your childhood even complete if you’ve never been to a circus? It was the most exciting part of a vacation. Hot summer afternoons were spent cheering on clowns, elephants with footballing abilities and if you were particularly lucky, you got to watch a lion jump through hoops. A ringmaster in a dramatic hat oversaw the proceedings. It was fascinating and for a few hours, we were transported to a world of fantasy.

When I heard Cirque Du Soliel was coming to India, I was excited. Yes, I am easily excitable but this was allowing me to relive some nostalgia and the offer was very tempting. Of course, Cirque Du Soliel is nothing like the circus of our childhoods. For starters, this is air conditioned, which we are very thankful for. Because while we may not recollect it, the collective sweaty smell of people can make anyone gag. The animals are also gone, which is good for everyone because while they can’t march out in protest, I am sure none of animals enjoyed jumping through rings of fire or playing football soullessly.

Cirque Du Soleil Mumbai

Here’s an amped up, high energy performance that has a series of acts, each impressive and each that will have you clapping enthusiastically. There are people on skates, artists doing gravity-defying stunts and acrobats that will seriously have you question your fitness levels. Cirque Du Soliel is all muscle and strength and you will be in awe no matter what age you are.

Cirque Du Soleil’s marks its Indian debut today. This chapter is called Bazzar (they spelt it like that!). When we watched the spectacle on Sunday at a media event. There was an energy in the air, everyone aware that they had witnessed something extraordinary.

Cirque Du Soleil Mumbai

Having watched the show in two countries- UAE and US- I have to admit that this was a notch lower than those performances. The set up less extravagant and the acts more timid or muted. In both these places, the aerial performances stayed with me, that was breath-taking stuff. In India, this is missing, perhaps due to space constraints, I imagine.

However, if you’ve never watched a Cirque Du Soleil performance, drop all your plans for the weekend and watch the drama unfold. This will stay with you long after the final bell.

Tickets for Cirque Du Soliel start at Rs 1250. Buy them here.


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