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Chhattisgarh Launches Country’s First Ever Mobile Clinic For Women, By Women

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Streets, workspaces, schools, markets, houses, buses, metros, cabs, there isn’t not a single place left in our country where women do not feel threatened or at the risk of being attacked. With cases of crimes against women rising both in number and in the level of brutality, safety for women is turning into a theory more than a reality. But, trying to shift the narrative and turn the present situation into a more salvageable one is Chhattisgarh’s recent initiative into opening a unique – ‘Dai-Didi (Mother-Sister) clinic’, which is a first all women mobile clinic for women.

Coming up with the idea of being available to women across the slums and other localities of urban areas from November 19 (that marked the anniversary of former prime minister Indira Gandhi), women in Chhattisgarh have launched a mobile clinic service that will give women not just access to healthcare, but also feel safe and secure while they do so.

Being cited as one of the first of its kind service in the country, the ‘Dai-Didi clinic’ would be seen offering its free health services in the municipal limits of Raipur, Bilaspur, and Bhilai under the Mukhyamantri Urban Slum Health Scheme.

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The mobile clinic will be equipped with only female staff that would include a doctor, paramedical staff, technician, and auxiliary nurse midwife, ready to cater to women facing any health problem. Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel who is also looking forward to the success of this initiative commented, “The Dai-Didi clinic is yet another initiative towards women empowerment in the state.”

The provisions supposedly included in this clinic would range from all primary health care facilities besides the treatment and diagnosis of diseases, and also cover installed preventive care and screening system on women’s health. This way women would now women can go in for regular check ups and make their health as a priority.

Additionally to this, women availing these services would also get the benefits of various schemes of women and child development department. This would entail counselling in matters of gynaecology, pregnancy, and reproductive health as well. We are thrilled to see more effort and thought being put into women’s health, and hope to see other cities follow suit!

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