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Chhattisgarh Couple Posing With A State Helicopter For Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Gets An Official Suspended! Let’s Stick To The Basics, Shall We?

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Okay, a show of hands. How many of y’all think pre-wedding photoshoots are a waste of time, energy and money? I certainly know that when and if I ever get married, that is one trend I am not partaking in. I have seen too many couples go too far to get the perfect shot. And while most of the time it’s harmless, albeit too cheesy, sometimes things can take a turn for the nasty. And when I say that, I don’t mean the photos turn out horrible or the photographer forgets to recharge the camera batteries. Sometimes, these photoshoots can get people into real, very serious trouble. Like this couple in Chhattisgarh who thought it would be fun to pose with a state helicopter at a hanger. They got an official suspended for breaching protocol. Yikes!

On Monday, photos of a pre-wedding photoshoot featured a couple posing with a state helicopter went viral on social media. Obviously, this is against the rules and a driver, Yogeshwar Sai, in the Chhattisgarh civil aviation department was suspended for breaching safety protocol.

According to the police, the couple was from Jashpur district. The groom was friends with the driver and hence got access to the state’s hanger. On 20th January, the couple got photographed with the state chopper “AW 109 Power Elite” at Police lines, Raipur.

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Raipur Superintendent of Police Ajay Yadav said that “The pre-wedding shoot of the couple took place on January 20. A driver of the state aviation department took the couple inside the hangar and told the guard that they have got permission. Since the guard knew the driver, he did not object and the photographs were taken.” He added that a probe will be launched into the matter.

Maybe it’s better if couples stick to pushing each other on the swings while in the middle of an orchard. It’s cheesy AF but who was ever harmed by too many flowers? Though doing a pre-wedding photoshoot in a state hanger with a chopper sounds like a cool theme, it’s dangerous and breaks about a million rules. Couples are going too far to make their photoshoots unique and one of these days, it’s going to end up seriously harming someone.

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