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Chennai Filmmakers Give A ‘Real’ Makeover To Indian Goddesses

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If I had a penny for every time an aunty told me, “Beta, apply a besan and milk ubtan at least twice a week. Rang saaf ho jaayega,” I would be a billionaire! Thanks for ‘caring’, aunty, but I do not really need unsolicited advice regarding my complexionan ubtan can’t change the way you look.

We have always seen gods and goddesses as milky white in different TV shows and books. But it was not so, earlier. They were portrayed to be dark-skinned—dark blue, in some casesand slowly their complexion began getting lighter and lighter.

These days, with everybody being obsessed with fairer skin, and advertisements where dark skin is seen as a ‘skin ailment’, a change in mindset in long overdue. This where two Chennai-based filmmakers, Bharadwaj Sundar and Naresh Nil, come in play.

The duo shot a couple of pictures of Hindu deities and the results were amazing:

Their Instagram post says, “Divinity has many forms, and colours have been used in various ways to depict the Divine. The jury is out, but in common culture, we still find godliness being depicted through ‘white’ or ‘fair’ skin, right from the small photo of God in the neighborhood store, to the big framed photo hanging inside a house.”

They have named the series, ‘Dark is Divine’ and we think it is absolutely fitting!


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