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Chennai Couple Live-Streams England Vs India Test Match At Their Wedding

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If there are two things that India is best known for, and we’re not talking about it being called the land of snake charmers or butter chicken, it is for its famous ‘jugaad‘ and the love that we possess for the sport of cricket. And it is when you combine both of these, that you find yourself one of the most entertaining story of the day, which involved a happy couple hosting the screening of the recent Test series at their wedding to make sure that guests RSVP yes.

This couple from Tamil Nadu decided to get a little bit creative in offering way more than just food and drinks at theirย  wedding, they also took care of some great entertainment. And what better could entertain the people than the first test match of the series between England and India at MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai.

The fact that cricket is not a game here but a religion was already well established, but that it is now being used as a bargaining chip to ensure a full attendance at events like that of weddings is a whole new dimension that has been added to the equation.

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Shared by Twitter user Akshay Natarajan (@akshaynatarajan) on the microblogging site, the picture showed that while the bride and groom were busy in their wedding rituals at the stage with the priest, the guests got to sit back and enjoy the England vs India test match. The twitter user who is believed to be a guest, and a happy one at that, wrote in the caption, “A Chennai test, with 2 Chennai boys batting. How can you not?? Happy married life da Anand.”

Meanwhile the tweet unleashed a series of comments on Twitter by users who were very impressed with the innovative and effective thinking of the family. Considering how easily people in our country would drop the idea of attending a wedding if it was a play off against a match, this family decided to play it smart and ended up killing two birds with one stone.

Must say, well played boys! Well played.

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