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Cheat India’s Trailer Is Out And Is Equal Parts Alarming And Discomforting

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Nobody really emerges out of the Indian education system unscathed by the politics of it. More so now, as students at these renowned institutes are starting to speak up against appointments of key figures, course structures and more. Nobody can be  uninvolved. Which is why Cheat India has us intrigued. The timing couldn’t be more apt.

Emraan Hashmi-starrer Cheat India’s teaser trailer is out and has us all gripped and reaching out for popcorn already. The star who is known to have given hits like Once upon a time in Mumbai and The Dirty Picture, is now set to be seen playing the role of a teacher who has slightly crooked ideas to preach. This is a departure for the actor who’s known for thrillers and also letting his lips do most of the acting.

Nakal main hi akal hai”, the tagline for the movie suggests how Rakesh Singh, the main protagonist being played by the star, promotes the idea of selling the seats and allowing other people to write students’ exams in exchange for money.

Meant to depict a rather corrupt yet real state of affairs for the Indian education sector,  this movie is set to release on January 25, 2019. A Soumik Sen directed film; Cheat India will also be starring Shreya Dhanwanthary in the lead alongside with Hashmi. Though can we just point out that there isn’t the tiniest reference to a female character in the trailer at all? Just one of the other things Bollywood movies do. 


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