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On National Selfie Day, These Bollywood Celebrities Show You How To Nail The Perfect Selfie!

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Special thanks to social media, smartphones and rapidly advancing technology, we now can take amazing photos of ourselves on our own. In fact, selfies have become such a thing that we actually have a National Selfie Day, which BTW happens to be today. And what better way to celebrate than with the perfect selfie. Of course, no one does that better than our Bollywood celebrities. Their selfie game is on point every single time, and it’s got us questioning how.

Well, we decided to break it down by decoding the best celebrity selfies on Instagram. And now we pretty much have the secret code to a picture that is definitely #selfiegoals. Take a look.

Get the expression right

Alia Bhatt’s no-makeup selfie is so hawt, it’s making us cry. The actress looks sun-kissed against a gorgeous background in Switzerland, but it’s her expression that makes this one a winner!

Have the perfect selfie partner

Priyanka Chopra takes an adorable selfie with her hubby and American singer, Nick Jonas. She wrote, “That kinda day.. ?❤️???#husbandappreciation”. If you’ve got a great selfie partner, you don’t really need much else, do you?

Work the mirror selfie

Ananya Panday is a social media sensation, and she’s certainly mastered the art of taking mirror selfies. Look just a little bit self-absorbed, and you’ll get this one right in no time.

Pout! Pout! Pout!

When it comes to the right angle, director Karan Johar knows best! Plus, he’s really got the pout down. The Kalank producer is known for his epic selfies, and you could really learn a thing or two from him!

Top angles FTW!

Taking a groupfie is definitely a task! Managing to get your entire squad in the frame is no piece of cake! But after 23 takes, you’ll get the picture you want for sure. Also, for future selfies, top angle shots are magic!


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