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These Wall Hooks Are The ‘Purrfect’ Addition To Tatiana’s Room

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Okay, so I think it is an established fact by now that I like myself a little (and by that I mean A LOT) of quirky cat items. If you remember I had picked cat bookends for my fave stationery and have also admitted to owning pair of cat-eye sunnies. I am fully aware that I sound like crazy, nay, very crazy cat lady at the moment…but guess what? I don’t mind. That’s why when I saw this set of 3 cat silhouette hooks from PropShop24, I literally HAD to have them.



Set of 3 Hang Meow’t Cat Hooks

When you’re moving into a new house, you always want to redecorate and personalise it — sort of like creating your own style statement through your new home. When it comes to décor, much like my sense of style, I like to keep it minimalistic. Whether it’s choosing monochromes, interesting pieces, or crazy DIY home décor (you should check them out, they’re totally fun to do), when I commit myself to refurbishing my house, I make sure I stick to simplicity. These feline friends are the ‘purr-fect’ addition to my obsession and work great as clothes, jewellery, or hand-towel hangers.

Placed on a wooden strip, simply drilled into a plain white wall, or even placed in different corners of the room, these wooden cat hooks just look so adorable. What a lovely way to fuel my love for the feline kind, while making my house a home!

SHOP NOW: Set of 3 Hang Meow’t Cat Hooks (Rs 690)


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