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10 Instagram Accounts That Every Cat Lover HAS To Follow

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There is a reason why people look at cat videos when they are depressed. An article in Business Insider states that a study conducted on a set of people revealed that they were happier after watching these videos.

Cats are human companions and relate to us on a whole different frequency. Even in their innate grumpiness, these furry little buddies have the superpowers to make us dance with joy. Yes, they are high maintenance but when those googly eyes look at you, full of love, their tantrums feel legit.

So, like the one-stop place for everything great, Instagram is the ideal spot for feline lovers too! These Insta accounts are what you need on a Monday morning, or any time of the week actually, to make your week that much better.


1. Nala

This cat has around 3.3m followers and is literally more famous than a LOT of people. Adopted at a shelter, this munchkin is just 5 months old and has her own website, where you can buy oodles of cute things.


2. Emonemon

Hailing from Japan, this 7-year-old is a prankster. Shishi Maru (that’s the name) loves getting clicked and can freak you out.


3. Sam

What’s better than a cat? A cat with eyebrows! Based in NYC, Sam is a famous cat model and also loves his tuna, but because of his brows has a permanent worried face. In fact, if you want to know more about him, there is a whole book that you can read.


4. Pudge

This Chicago cat was also adopted at a shelter and looks like a doughnut! You may just want to eat her right up.


5. Hot Dudes With Kittens

Cats and eye candy, this is one account that is a Godsend. And if you haven’t had enough, there is another account called Hot Dudes With Cats.


6. Apollo

Bred by Fjaril Flickans, a Swedish cat breeder and bloggers, Apollo or Popo is gorgeous. Follow the account to witness royalty at its best.


7. Coby

Known as the most stunning cat on the site, Coby will swoon you with his blue eyes and adorable pink nose.


8. Lil Bub

This tiny creature is so cute that you might just cry. Another really famous cat, this one makes the weirdest expressions that are hilarious.


9. Toco

Justifying the statement that cats are your best friends, Toco from Japan refuses to click a picture without her siblings being in it — her human siblings. that is.


10. Coffee

Nala’s British Shorthair brother, Mr White or Coffee has just survived cancer and is still undergoing treatment. Donate and help, if you can.


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