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Cash Problems? Bookmark These Websites NOW!

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After the bomb that our Prime Minister threw at us last week, we now know what it feels like to be broke. From making a bee line to the ATM at 3 AM to leaving everything else to go to the bank, that is how life has been for the past week. Though this step has certainly enlightened us on what is important and what is not, people are facing problems all over the country. Simple things like buying groceries and medicines have become a pain. In this time of chaos, thankfully there are digital alternatives to our money problems.

Make some use of those smartphones other than for just taking selfies, and check these websites out that are sure going to come handy in this time of crisis. And most of them have massive offers going on, too.


Cash No Cash_Hauterfly

1. Banking

The only website you need to know in this section is ‘Cash No Cash‘. This website is a boon in the time we are living now. It tells you which ATMs near you have cash and which don’t! I mean, it is THE most important thing currently!



2. Medicines

While we try to sort out these problems, our health should not be compromised. When you don’t have cash, these websites will deliver the meds to your doorstop.



3. Food

After trying to cook and failing miserably, we have no option but to eat out. With this cash crunch, the only thing we can afford is a bag of chips. But then, in come the various food delivery apps and websites as angels, feeding our hungry souls.

But if you can cook and don’t react well to outside food, buying even basic groceries can be a hassle. Now, even that can be done online!



4. Shopping

You obviously can’t put a halt to shopping! And anyway, most of us turn to online shopping in our times of need for everything from clothes and shoes to accessories and whatnot. With these 3 are the major e-portals, you’re basically sorted for everything!


Book My Show_Hauterfly

5. Entertainment

Want to watch a movie but can’t pay for the ticket at the box office? Tap on these websites to buy ’em tickets.



6. Mobile Recharge

When even Rs 10 notes become more important than catching up with friends, you know something is wrong. More than anything, it is for your own safety that you should have at least some balance on your phone to contact people during emergency situations. These websites will guide you the way.



7. Travel

Whether it is within city or you’re travelling outstation, you need cash. These websites will help you travel safely and without any stress.



8. Hotels

No need to cancel those vacation plans! Pay for your hotel rooms through these websites and have a happy, happy holiday.


Urban Clap_Hauterfly

9. Home Services

You may need an electrician, plumber or sweeper at any time of the day. Instead of sitting at home in in darkness, book one using these websites and pay the fees online. Simple!


stationery hut_Hauterfly

10. Stationery

If you are like me, you will have a stationery emergency, for sure! That’s when you will thank these sites for existing.


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