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Carrie Symonds Gets Talked About For Her Fashion While Boyfriend Boris Johnson’s Achievements Are Listed! Ugh!

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During a very heated conversation with my parents the other night, they asked me if I would be willing to take on my to-be-husband’s last name in the future, and I said no for a variety of different reasons. The most compelling one being, I would not  want give to give up a name I have been known by my entire life. When you’re a woman in this world, you are constantly bogged down by stereotypes and often reduced to being a sum of things like your fashion quotient or beauty or motherhood status. A thought that stirred a strong emotion after I read how Carrie Symonds was recently just being celebrated for her £120 dress and how it sold out in mere minutes. Who is she? She is girlfriend to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

And what do we know about her? Nothing except that she wore a pink dress which caught the fancy of many women.

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This is a woman who is conservationist and marine campaigner, who has been extremely vocal about fighting against plastic pollution. And when she made headlines of several publications, it wasn’t for her brilliant efforts in ocean welfare, but for her pink and red floral midi dress by Ghost during her first appearance as the girlfriend of the new prime minister of the UK.

Now for anyone reading this, to whom the problem with the narrative isn’t clear, it is about a woman being talked about her fashion when she is successful, while a man gets talked about for his achievements. Almost always. I mean, if we were to recall the number of times, Boris Johnson made the headlines for his ensemble rather than his work, we wouldn’t be able to recall a single time, because, there has been none. But when it comes to women in power, suddenly all the news outlets want to cover is her fashion and beauty.

And while we have no qualms about discussing fashion on strong women, we do feel that the ratio of the conversation about their work achievements versus what they wore is highly skewed towards the former. It is as though an impulse reaction, to first dissect a woman not for the work she’s done but how she carries herself in expensive couture. And before we know it, we forget any other identity she carried before she was made a living mannequin. Take Meghan Markle for example, she has a full acting career she’s left behind but ever since the woman got married, all she’s being covered for is her couture and her manicure, while the Duke is making rounds for all the ground-breaking work he is doing.

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And the thing is, we don’t mind being in the spotlight for our clothes, hell it is one of our guilty pleasures, but the disparity of women being covered for fashion and the man for his work is not just disrespecting, it is normalising the very stereotypes women like Carrie Symonds and Meghan Markle are seeking to fight. So maybe next time we talk about that flattering hem of the dress on , we must make sure to talk about the genius work these women have been doing.

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