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10 Careers That Are Perfect For The Travel Enthusiast

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Every day — and I’m not even exaggerating that every day — I feel like leaving my desk job and travelling the world. Sounds familiar? That’s because it’s basically all of us. And if you are someone who lives, breathes, and eats to travel, you will understand my feels. You know how you see those posts on Facebook where random people are exploring the world? And that one woman who is 27 and has travelled to almost every country? They make my blood boil. Please don’t get me wrong, though: I love my job (also, my editor has to edit this piece after I write it, so…!) and I am a partial travel writer anyway, so I get to vicariously live out a small part of my dream.

But, if you’ve been bitten by the wanderlust bug and are stuck at your mundane job, consider one of these careers that pay well and also let you travel. If you’ve just graduated and are looking at career options, even better. They are literally a dream come true. And no, the list doesn’t have air hostess on it. They are unique, kickass, and really achievable.


1. Destination Wedding Photographer

Two things that are immensely fun — photography and destination weddings. If you have a photography page on Facebook, you can qualify for this job. Start with weddings in your own town, build up your portfolio, and then travel around the world to cover these weddings. Take inspiration from Stuti (of The Cheesecake Project, pictured above) who has turned her hobby into her career.


2. Foreign Service Worker

If you are a patriot at heart, then combine your love for the country with work and become a foreign service worker. You can meet diplomats from other governments, build relations, and work at embassies around the world. But, you also have to study hard and work hard for this.


3. Au Pair

If you like babysitting and know many languages, then become an Au Pair. Au Pairs are nannies who live in other countries with the host family and get paid for that. If you have a knack for managing kids then check something out  here. Something that Sabrina (pictured above) took up, and is enjoying with the little ones in Sydney.

4. Retail Buyers

Fashionistas pay attention: this one is for you. Meet retailers and product managers across the world to build brand integrations. It maybe a little boring, but hey, you get to travel for free, so no complaining!


5. Travel Writer

If you are a writer or a blogger who is all about travel then eventually when you start getting recognised, people will pay for your trips so that you can write about them. Yes, it’s a slow process but a highly fruitful one. Yes, I am on that path following this epic travel blogger, Shivya Nath, whose blog The Shooting Star is so envy worthy.


6. Teach English

English is a global language and more and more people are trying to master it. A common language connects people and for now, English is doing that. There is a high demand for teachers all over the world who can teach this language. So, if you like teaching, this is your call.



Join WWOOF, an organisation that is trying to do wonders for organic farming and always in need of volunteers who can travel abroad to learn new techniques. learn more  here. Or just look at how happy Tanvi is in the picture above and get volunteering.

8. International Tour Guide

With more and more women group trips happening now, it is a new and fairly great job opportunity. Travel companies are now hiring female recruits and it is safe, if you are worried about that.


9. Travel Show Host

Might take a little more effort than the rest but if you manage to find a job like this, all your travel wishes will be fulfilled. All you need is personality, a flair for talking, and maybe a few contacts. Trust me, it ain’t impossible! Like how, Karuna Ezra a journalist who hosted Life Is A Beach on NDTV Good Times for almost 50 episodes.


10. Yachties

A really cool name that has a really cool job description. You basically work on yachts and cruise liners as a stewardess. It is a glamorous lifestyle and you are paid well. Like, seriously, you are paid amazingly well. Proof? Read this interview.


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