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Captain Shikha Surabhi Is The First And Only Woman On The Indian Army’s Motorcycle Display Team. She’s Such An Inspiration

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While the government tries to keep women down, going to the extent of telling the Supreme Court that women in commanding positions would not suit the army well as the men get intimidated and implying that they don’t like taking orders from a woman, we’ve to say there is hope. This is because, in very nice words, the Supreme Court asked to shove it where the sun don’t shine, put women in charge in the army and asked everyone to shut up with the truckfuls of misogyny the were doling out.

And while we celebrate this as a win. It’s not like the army doesn’t have enough women to celebrate. We’re talking about this today because we just discovered the very cool Captain Shikha Surabhi.

This is a woman holding her own and paving the way for more women in the Daredevils Motorcycle Display Team. This is a team that has all your attention when the Republic Day parade happens.

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And as the picture says, Surabhi is the first female officer to be part of this team. Now, like the name suggests, this is a team that is part of the Indian Army’s Corps of Signals. They are a combat support arm with many records, including a Guinness World Record to their name. These guys are knowing for their performances that make gravity look like a mere suggestion when they take the tarmac during the Republic Day parades.

Shikha’s story starts early. She always wanted to join the army, her maternal side of the family had several people already serving and this was her inspiration. When she joined the army, she also won the All India Championship of women boxing. So yeah, this woman packs a punch, in the most literal sense of the words.

Hers is a story that has inspiration written all over it. She took to the bike early, learning to ride it by the age of 15. But she took to the bullet when she saw male officers riding the bike.  She’s 28 now and once she joined the team, she honed her skills. She didn’t face too much sexism from the men, they were encouraging for the most part. And the women, like us, are inspired by her and her daredevilry.

Captain Surabhi’s story is certainly not ordinary, but she was always meant for better things and she always knew that. Currently posted in Bhatinda, her story is making us wonder what we are doing with our lives. Chin up ladies, we can do anything, clearly.

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