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Called The ‘Encyclopedia Of The Forest’, Tulasi Gowda Wins A Padma Shri For Her Contribution Towards The Environment. Her Story Is Inspiring

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We are so used to recognising people who are already in the limelight, for everything they do, big or small, that more often than not, we forget to look around to acknowledge the real heroes out there who are making more of a difference in the world, without indulging in the race for credit and attention. These are the people who’re taking initiative, putting their heart and soul into doing good deeds, whether they get the attention they so deserve for it or not. One such woman is   Tulasi Gowda, who is going to be awarded the Padma Shri this year.

Being one of the most prestigious Indian civilian honour award, The Padma Shri is an award that means to laud civilians for their impeccable contribution to the country. Awarded on Republic Day every year, this time around we saw a special woman make it to the list for her achievements and initiatives towards safeguarding the environment. Known as the ‘Encyclopedia of Forest’ by many, courtesy her impressive knowledge about the flora and fauna, Tulasi is 72 years old and has spent the major part of life, safeguarding the environment and its safekeeping.

With no formal education, Tulasi has made a huge impact in taking steps to protect the environment, by being proactively involved in planting and nurturing trees.

With a record of planting and taking care of more than 40,000 trees up till now, Tulasi has spent the last 6 decades of her life contributing to nature and its well-being. Recognising the need to cater to and protect the little vegetation and forest cover that we have left, Gowda has made it her life mission to spend her time and efforts into keeping the environment clean, green and hearty, and honestly, her will to do so has been nothing short of an inspiration to all of us.

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When at a time when the world seems to have entered into a climate emergency, with nature being destroyed by forest fires and melting glaciers, we have women like Tulasi, who are doing everything they can to save the world from what is seemingly inevitable. In an article with Deccan Chronicle, it was also mentioned how, “According to local residents, she was actively involved in the afforestation programme conducted by the forest department. Recognising her service, the department regularised her service. After serving for 14 years, she retired from service. The pension is her only source of livelihood.”

With no intention of doing it for the money or fame, Tulasi has made us privy to the kind of selfless deeds that will only hope for us to be better and do the bare minimum in protecting the forests. With a remarkable knowledge of plants and tress, Tulasi’s efforts haven’t gone under notice and we are glad. Being awarded with the Padma Shri, Tulasi has made a mark about how sometimes you don’t have to have an ulterior motive into doing something that is the need of the hour.  Which is perhaps why, women like her deserve the limelight and the appreciation for driving change with honest sentiments, and not as a social gimmick.

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