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This Bookend Will Be A Classy Addition To Your Room

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While researching for a decor story recently, I stumbled upon pictures of Parineeti Chopra’s gorgeous home. What made me drool was her fantastic study space, because if you don’t know already, I’m a huge book lover.

Taking inspiration from her amazing book haven, I decided to pretty up my room too. Now, I don’t have such a lavish space to play with, and I certainly can’t fill it up with a massive bookshelf (though I would love to!). So to take things to the next level, I added a bookend to my cart, just to make my tiny little room a wee bit fancy!


Recycle Chain Bookend_Inpost_Hauterfly

Wishing Chair Recycle Chain Bookend (Rs 1,450)


This Wishing Chair rustic bookend tickled my inner bibliophile, and I instantly hit shop. Made out of a metal cycle chain, this is what best-out-of-waste looks like. Another brownie point right there!

The finish is beautiful, and considering the price, it’s a win! And the best part? No shelves needed. All my books in one place – safe and secure.

Also, I adore the little basket attached to it. Definitely going to put it to some use.


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