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Bruna Abdullah And Amy Jackson Just Announced The Arrival Of Their Babies And It’s The Most Adorable Thing

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For a long time now I’ve known exactly what I want in my future. The kind of partner I want to spend the rest of my life with and the kind of life I want. I have always wanted a small intimate wedding, (no big fat Indian wedding drama) a nice house with maybe a dog and when we are all settled, two adorable kids- a boy and a girl. I know you are itching to, but please don’t burst my bubble of idealism just yet. Apparently, you can bake your cake and have it too. Bruna Abdullah is proof of that. Bruna is probably the happier than humanly possible right now and with good reason, she just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Isabella and not only did she deliver just the way she had always planned but also made it sound super easy and we are ecstatic and so inspired. Read on to know her story.

Bruna Abdullah who gave birth to baby Isabella last month took to Instagram earlier this week to post a picture of herself carrying her newborn with her husband cradling them from behind. When I saw this picture for the first time, my heart melted into a puddle of joy, but it wasn’t until I read the caption titled “My birth story,” did I realise that she was in full control of her body and surroundings during her delivery and that is truly inspiring. She showed us that contrary to all the stories we have heard delivering a child doesn’t have to be messy and traumatic.

The caption says that she wanted a water birth even before she was pregnant to avoid the side effects of all the drugs and medications. She wanted to feel every minute of the beautiful experience and she did. She had Isabella in a warm water pool surrounded by her husband, mother, doula and doctor. She had planned out everything and was fully prepared for this day. If this is not extraordinarily inspirational.

Earlier today, Amy Jackson also took to Instagram to post an adorable picture of her holding her new born son Andreas while her fiancé George Panayiotou kisses her on the forehead giving us major family goals. She captioned the picture, “Our Angel, welcome to the world Andreas.” That picture really made our Monday’s seem less mundane and we can’t be happier (For her, but also Mondays are a drag)

Amy Jackson has often topped our Instagram feeds with her impeccable pregnancy style and we have to say she totally slayed. Between the pictures of her gorgeous baby shower and the picture of her embracing her baby bump, stretch marks and weight gain, we completely fell in love with the way she carried off this pregnancy and we are sure she will carry off motherhood with equal elegance.

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