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BoycottLux Is Trending On Twitter Because It Is Endorsed By Deepika Padukone. Is This The Downfall Of Brand Deepika?

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Okay, I admit it, I am stupidly optimistic. I am that person who if you put a glass in front of, is all smiley and will pour in some water from the bottle and then claim that the glass is full. I am so positive, you want to sucker punch my happy face in the morning. But the good thing is, I am aware of that. I am telling you this because I was pumped that Chhapaak was releasing. This is a movie by a woman, about a woman. This was a movie with a story that need to be told but more importantly, needed to be heard.

So when I read the box office collections of Chhapaak over the weekend, my heart sank a little. Because while Tanhaji with its rousing speeches about patriotism was surging ahead, Chhapaak is struggling. And despite being a very positive person, I know that this doesn’t bode well for anyone. Because we are not only shutting down women’s voices but also not allowing their stories to flourish.

And then, I perked up again. Women will bounce back, it will all be okay. Till I hopped over to Twitter where #BoycottLux is trending. So because I am ever the curious cat, I went over and did some digging. And uh oh, the bhakts are at it again.

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Endorsement Effects

Deepika is the brand ambassador of Lux and nationalists, upset that she made her way to the JNU protest and chose to stand on the wrong side of the line, are punishing her by trending hashtags such as these. As alternatives, most of them have suggested Patanjali soaps.

But here’s the bigger issue, Deepika is one of the highest paid stars in the country. Her net worth is estimated to be anywhere between Rs 105 crores to 125 crores, so there is plenty at stake there. But post her visit and her stance revealing her politics (or at least that’s what it’s being made out to be), she has a lot to lose. Currently, she endorses over 20 brands – everything from Tetley Tea to Vistara Airlines, Axis Bank and more. And while news of any brand withdrawing their deals hasn’t emerged, speculation is rife that she may lose out on a couple of deals in this year.

Reduced Visibility

It’s not like the brands are going away, not immediately at least. However, there have been several reports stating that Deepika’s ads from TV have been pulled down or are getting lesser screen time due to the JNU controversy. Some brands have apparently asked that ads featuring her be taken off at least for the period of the next two weeks.

We always knew there was going to be a price to pay for a political stance in this country, but that it would be so much has come as a surprise. Perhaps it will all cool down and tide over. Or Deepika’s bank balance will pay the price of her political leanings. It remains to be seen.

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