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Both Bride And Groom Have A Hearing And Speech Impairment. So They Had A Sign Language Wedding. This Is So Wholesome.

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Some of us are quite empathetic and we don’t just feel for, but with others. If I am writing about a tragic incident, I feel drained and my mood goes for a toss. But there are stories waiting to be told and must be heard, even if it makes you uncomfortable. No change has ever happened with everyone limiting themselves to their comfort zones. But then there are times, when we hear of heart-warming incidents that make everyone reading it and writing it, happy. They put a skip in your step. You feel healed with your faith restored in love, in happy-endings and all those ‘universe has a plan for you’ kinda things. Today, is one such day!

I am writing this because this love story is so sweet, and I hope it reaches you in time. If you’re giving up or on the verge of giving up, know that good things happen when you’re least expecting it. Sumanta Ghosh (40) and Paromita Ghosh (38) who are both hearing and speech impaired and they tied the knot and promised to spend the rest of their lives together. And if you’re wondering how they would even understand the mantras and seven vows of Hindu marriages…they got an interpreter. Rajini Banerjee used the Indian Sign Language (ISL) to convey the vows to the couple. In fact, many of the 60 guests at the wedding were also hearing and speech impaired. The details of this wedding are truly beautiful.

It’s so beautiful because most of us don’t even bother to pay attention to the mantras but they made sure they understood everything. The ceremony took longer than usual with all that translation but it seems so worth the trouble.

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Sign language in India is still not recognised and it’s one of the reasons differently-abled people have to drop out of school, unable to reach their full potential. The thing is, most schools use oralism and lip-reading rather than sign language. But people with hearing and speech impairment prefer sign language because it’s easier to understand. Approximately 18 million deaf people in India has signed a petition seeking recognition of the sign language in India so they have better access to education.

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