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Bollywood Celebs Gave Us Real Teacher’s Day Feels With Their Touching Posts

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Like any quintessential Literature student, I sucked at math. I remember sitting on the back bench of my 10th grade math lecture zoning out as my teacher blabbered on about trigonometry (I mean, why do they put students though that torture anyway?) All my day-dreaming led to me flunking my mid-terms all the way through to my prelims. It wasn’t until my math teacher realised I’m on a completely different tangent (whattey pun) that she went out of her way to ensure I fare better at my boards. Thanks to her, I finally got the hang of SinA+CosA. Never have I been so grateful to any teacher. The day we got our results, I realised the important role she played and the lesson she taught me- Never give up. And that math isn’t as difficult as I thought. As mischievous as we were through school and college, there are always these few teachers that leave a mark on our lives that last a lifetime. And it’s exactly like that for our celebrities.

Sharing a picture with his late father Ajay Devgn thanked him for his invaluable life lessons. prompting us all to think of the valuable lessons our fathers bestowed us with.

In a heartfelt post this Teacher’s Day, Akshay Kumar pushed forward an agenda that most of us overlook. The post showed young students thanking all the “bhaiyas and didis” that volunteered to teach them.

Honouring the ones that teach us our very basics and give us the weapons we need to face all adversaries, Anushka Sharma celebrated this teacher’s day with a very heartfelt post.

Sara Ali Khan commemorated this Teachers Day by honouring her very first directors, Rohit Shetty and Gattu Kapoor. These adorable posts show us how grateful she really is.

Anil Kapoor talks about all the values his teachers have instilled in him over the years and we cannot relate more.

Preity Zinta took this opportunity to not only thank all her teachers but also her mom and we cant help but go aww.

Ayushmann Khurana wished his father and life for being the greatest teacher of all. We just wish life was a kinder teacher.

Talking about his solid foundations and values in life, Anupam Kher thanks his drama teachers and we thank them too for molding him into a brilliant actor.

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