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This Bold Period Commercial Is Not Afraid Of Showing Blood!

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Every sanitary napkin commercial till date has been a mega cliche. Seemingly happy and fulfilled women are found coyly getting out of bed or running across lush green lawns while on their period. To add to it, napkins are often shown to be absorbing a weird blue liquid. Last time we checked, period blood wasn’t blue.

But now comes this brilliant new commercial by UK-based female hygiene company Bodyform, which isn’t afraid to take on female empowerment in a bold new way. Titled Blood, it showcases a number of badass sportswomen — be it surfers, boxers, rugby players, dancers — bleed as they perform in their respective fields. Be it a scraped knee, injured feet, or even bleeding knuckles, there is ACTUAL blood involved and these women never back down or let it stop them from achieving their goals.

Needless to say, the internet has applauded the video for shucking off the stigma associated with period blood and pays more than just lip service to female empowerment. It implies that bleeding never deters a woman from doing the things she wants and gives out a powerful message that “no blood should hold us back”.

Bodyform has also teamed up with universities in the UK to increase awareness about how menstrual cycles affect your system while you exercise or play sports. Carpe diem, people.

If you have even a bit of free time on your hands, go ahead and watch the video and tell us what you think!


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