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Body Positivity Influencer Sakshi Sindwani Starts A Conversation About The Nicknames People Are Given Because Of Their Weight.

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We live in a society that expects women to be just perfect. Unrealistic beauty goals that are imposed upon women from a young age lead to insecurities and hamper their self-esteem. Anything that deviates from these unreal beauty expectations is called out and shamed. This is what beauty-positive influencers like Sakshi Sindwani are trying to change. She recently posted a reel where she speaks about normalizing all body types and how women who are chubby are called horrid nicknames and just assumed to be unfit. Body positivity for the win! 

When I was in school, I had a classmate who was overweight. People would call her ‘baby elephant’ and motu. One day, she started crying in class after our PE instructor asked her to run more laps than the rest of the class. Of course, back then, we were too young to recognize and stop body shaming. But today, I can understand what a massive hit her self-confidence must’ve taken. There is no escaping these nicknames. Which is why when Sakshi Sindwani made a reel about normalizing all body types, we were thrilled. 

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In the video, she starts out by asking people to stop saying that body-positive pages are glorifying obesity because they are the ones fighting to normalize all body types. Also, she talks about how people need to stop assuming that those who are curvier aren’t fit. Fitness doesn’t necessarily need to be related to weight. She then goes on to say that people have to stop calling others names like, ‘sticks’ and ‘elephants’. Furthermore, she said that even putting skinny people down is a form of body shaming. 

Sakshi Sindwani is honestly one of my favourite influencers. Her page does not glorify obesity, as people so clearly believe. She promotes body positivity and uses this platform to raise her voice against body and fat-shaming. It’s a message a lot of people desperately need to listen to. 

In the caption of the video, Sakshi writes, “Can’t even tell you how many times people have called me an elephant. Just gonna leave it there. What’s the most ridiculous name someone has given you? I WANNA KNOW!”  

With the caption, Sakshi started a conversation. People, women specifically, took to her comment section to talk about all the names they have been called just because there were too fat or too skinny. From moti to sukkad and from sumo wrestler to hippo. It’s really shameful. 

Take a look:

These nicknames need to stop. Putting someone down or mocking them because of the way they look is a shitty thing to do. Sakshi’s message on body positivity needs to be heard and understood. Instead of making someone feel inadequate, let’s try spreading some love instead? It’s not that tough.

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