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BJP’s Manifesto Talks About Committing Crimes Against Women. It’s Not A Funny Mistake

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It’s election season and everyone is on the edge. Security is beefed up, people are wondering who they will vote for and all that. And while we must all make that choice, the one thing we must also do is read up. Read up on what the party promises to do, what it has accomplished and all that. For that, we turn to the manifesto.  BJP like any other party, released its manifesto that touched upon several provisions that their party’s government wished to take on, once in power.

But what particularly gathered attention, and not the good kind, was the major goof up that they did in the manifesto. The party manifesto read, “We have constituted the Women’s Security Division in the Home Ministry, and have made strict provisions for transferring the laws in order to commit crimes against women…” Yes, you read that right. ‘Commit’ crimes against women  instead of ‘keep a check’ on crimes against women.

And we all know, election time is no less than a war and every goof up is an opportunity for others, which it was as INC not minutes after the release of the Manifesto, tweeted saying “At least one point in BJP’s manifesto reflects their true intentions”.

Considering, electoral campaigns cost the parties lakhs of rupees that they spend on their road shows and holding speeches, it is difficult to digest that they couldn’t afford a copy writer to proof read only the most important document of their play.

Us, along with a number of netizens wonder and question, as the manifesto was met with numerous tweets disregarding their ‘true’ intention. Let’s see whether there is room to come back from this for them or not, because right now,it just seems really bad luck and even worse timing.


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