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BJP MLA Urges Party Workers To Celebrate For Now They’re Allowed To Marry ‘Fair Kashmiri’ Women. Someone Shut Him Up Please?

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You know how in every situation, there is always this one person who goes completely out of context and says something so stupid we want to smack him in the head with something blunt and hard for not understanding the gravity of the situation? Turns out, in case of the Article 370 bill passing, that person is BJP MLA Vikram Singh Saini from Khatauli in Muzaffarnagar.

The Government of India earlier this week passed Article 370, the one that was proposed to waive the special status of Jammu and Kashmir.  Millions took to twitter and other mediums to voice their opinions about the decision. As did our BJP MLA Vikram Singh, who while speaking in an attempt to make sense went ahead to talk about how with the bill passing anyone can marry a fair Kashmiri woman. A matter of great concern, obviously.

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The MLA gave an entire speech where he urged party workers to celebrate the cause for now they’d have the chance to be with ‘gori kashmiri women’ and we kind of threw up in our mouths listening to it. He said, “Karyakarta bahut utsuk hai aur jo kunwaare hai, unki shaadi wahi karva denge, koi dikkat nahi hai. Kya dikkat hai? … Aur jo Muslim karyakarta hai yahaan par, unko khushi manani chahiye… Shaadi wahaan karo na, Kashmiri gori ladki se. Khushi manani chahiye.” Because at this time when India is most vulnerable, rewriting both its history and geography, this is what we must be talking about – marrying fair women of Kashmir. To loosely translate what he said, “The men are getting anxious and are single, we will get them married, no problem. And the Muslim party workers, you guys should celebrate, you have a chance to get married to a fair, Kashmiri girl.”

Not only this, later when the MLA was probed with a question about his not so appropriate remarks he said, “Now anyone can get married to a Kashmiri girl without any issue. That is all I said and it is the truth. This is freedom for the people of Kashmir. That is why we organised the event Tuesday. Now, Kashmiris have attained freedom.” And here we thought the freedom in question was about the people of Kashmir women and their rights, but perhaps we’ve been proven wrong by the very desperate MLA here.

And it’s not just him that is looking at this bill all wrong. Several others have overlooked the more direct consequences and aim of the bill to use it to their own personal advantages. From directors and filmmakers booking rights to several ‘Article 370’ kind of movie names to others buying land like crazy, all this bill seems to have invoked is a chaos and exploitation of the people and land of Jammu and Kashmir.

The MLA then further in a round of questions with Indian Express said, “I would want to get a house in Kashmir. Everything over there is beautiful – the place, the men and women. Everything.” He must have felt the need to make the matters worse. Clearly he was averse to the idea of thinking before speaking, but for his own sake, we solemnly urge him to try it once in a while.

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