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Why Is Hina Khan Headed To Cannes? Surely We Can Find Better People To Represent Indian Cinema

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Let’s all calm down. Catch our breath. And the dissect who’s wearing what when the who’s who of world cinema descends on the red carpet. Everyone who’s anyone is going to be at the Cannes Film Festival.  The festival is attended by the best and brightest of world cinema and covered extensively in media. Actors, directors, writers – it’s where cinema takes centre stage, transcending the boundaries of countries, cultures and languages.

Over the years, the festival has also become a hallowed ground for fashion and beauty icons, all of whom walk the red carpet dressed in their fabulous best. Some of our own actors and actresses fly over there every year, either to showcase a film or promote a brand. We have the likes of Deepika Padukone attending for L’Oreal and Kangana Ranaut who is scheduled to lead a panel discussing films.

You’d then automatically assume that we would take men and women who are taking Indian cinema forward to be representing us. The ones who’ve made movies about taboo topics, tackled controversies about their films and have broken new ground when it comes to cinema. Which is why, we are totally baffled by one of the attendees chosen -popular television actress Hina Khan.

The TV personality became a household name this year after being cast in the remake of popular series Kasautii Zindagii Kay. The role has made her one of the highest paid actresses on TV but that can’t be reason enough for her to be representing Indian cinema at a global event, right? You’re not saying that playing a rehashed role of a vamp albeit with a lot of conviction is good enough? Apparently it is.

Hina’s claim to fame lies in her controversial and much-discussed stint at Bigg Boss. From crude arguments to low blow comments, the actress made headlines for this in 2017. We get it, the whole show, by its very nature, relies on raking up controversies. But this is a woman who, on the show, faced flak for saying things like, “I know the South filmmakers want their heroines to gain weight and flaunt their bulging figures. I was offered two films which I refused because they asked me to gain weight.” With just one statement, she fat shamed actresses, put herself on a pedestal and annoyed anyone with half a brain cell.

While her acting career may boast of the most popular TV shows, that can’t be a ticket to a glamorous event where the A-listers are making their presence felt. We, at Hauterfly, certainly think that we could have chosen someone more eloquent, more mainstream to make an appearance at a prestigious event like the Cannes.

Someone whose contribution to Indian cinema extends to more than being able to make headlines for saying the most atrocious things, taking digs at someone for their makeup, their accent and their English and essentially bringing someone down rudely. Whoever gets to make these calls needs to get fired. We can think of several other people who would deserve an opportunity like this that would make a fan of Indian cinema proud. And her name wouldn’t remotely figure in that list.

Hina has been invited to be a part of a panel organised by the India Pavilion. She is set to join Kangana Ranaut, Sonam Kapoor, Ekta Kapoor and Prasoon Joshi for the same. She is also making the appearance to launch the first look of her film Lines, the details of which will be released later.

While we do commend Hina for her foray into independent cinema, the actress has shown neither the acting prowess nor the style quotient to warrant a walk down the red carpet. It’s a hard pass from us!


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