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Bhumi Pednekar Wants To Do Movies That Propagate Gender Equality. We Are Here For It

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I am not a huge fan of Bollywood movies. And even though it sounds like treachery, have you seen the kind of cinema we have been producing lately? The movies have no storylines, the songs are atrocious and what kind of a message are these movies sending? On the upside though, there are actors like Bhumi Pednekar who are trying to bring about a change by picking quality movies that have a voice. The actor’s aim is to look out for narratives that enhance the female voice and promotes gender equality. Now we’re talking! 

Bhumi Pednekar’s track record is proof that ever since her first movie, Dum Laaga Ke Haisha, she has always tried to choose movies with substance instead of just blindly following the herd. She really has carved out a niche for herself. Promoting gender equality through movies is very essential and we are glad that an actor like Bhumi has taken this up. 

In an interview, she said, “The idea is to create some kind of equality that does not exist at all. The fact that even in 2020, talks are still around women making women’s stories says a lot. I don’t think we should be discussing this right now rather that should have already been the case.”  


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Through her movies, Bhumi Pednekar is determined to fight gender discrimination. She says that a message that says  “both the sexes are equal” and deserve equal treatment needs to be sent out into the world. She said, “Our gender doesn’t need any saving. We’re equally capable of doing everything that the other gender is capable of. And through my stories, I want to propagate that kind of gender equality. So, I’ll always take up such stories and roles.” 

We really need more actors to understand precisely this. Bollywood has made its name making the same mirch-masala movies over and over again. It’s time we branch out and make movies that serve a purpose like closing the gender gap. Bhumi Pednekar’s conscious choice to pick movies that propagate equality is simply amazing. Hopefully, more actors will be able to stop arguing about nepotism and partaking in the “insider v/s outsider” debate long enough to follow suit. 

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Talking about the “insider v/s outsider” debate, Bhumi also said that being an outsider she knew that her journey in Bollywood won’t be easy but that only made her strive harder. She said, “I knew from the beginning that I won’t get a lot of opportunities to make mistakes and that’s something that kept me focused. I do realise that I’m somebody who isn’t born into a film family so my journey would be different. And I am fortunate to have got the films that I’ve got. But, I do also realise opportunities won’t come easy so I can’t take anything for granted and make the most of what I have. I wake up every day determined to work harder, maybe a little harder than other people as that’s the only way I can survive.” 

More power to Bhumi!

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