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Bhagwani Devi From A Village In Rajasthan Delivered An Impressive Speech In English And She Has Us And Twitter Swooning

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One of the few things that come handy and become kind of a pre-requisite when you’re working as a writer, is your command over the spoken and the written word. A skill I have worked hard to hone. And if I were to credit a few things or a few people, who have helped me in surpassing this skill, it has to be my odd habit of reading the dictionary on the daily, practically inhaling books and well, listening to Shashi Tharoor go at it on interviews. That’s enough English to last you through a year or so.

With a vocabulary so profound and fluent, Shashi Tharoor no matter how questionable has been as a politician, has always managed to impress us with his words and linguistic prowess. From teaching us words like rodomontade and snollygoster to teaching us mere mortals how to use them, he has found his niche in making the world more aware of, well, words. And while it is always said that there is no teaching the teacher, he may seem to have met his match!

An elderly women, who was recently caught on camera, speaking in impeccable English about the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi, has gone viral on the internet for just how good she is. And before we knew it, after making a few rounds on social media, the woman found herself being compared to the OG – Shashi Tharoor and we’d have to admit, it could be a close call between the two. Okay maybe not, but the woman is definitely worth being lauded here!

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The video that was also shared by the IAS officer Arun Bothra, shows Bhagwani Devi dressed up traditionally in a red saree, beautifully articulating her words in a way that left most of us stumped. More so because, and we blame the stereotypical viewpoint of the society here, where we expect nothing from those coming from “rural” backgrounds. Bhagwani Devi comes from Jhunjhunu in Rajasthan and having read that, we hadn’t expected such eloquence or fluency. Oh we ate humble pie, alright.

Needless to say,  Twitterati  was impressed and reposted and shared the video which has now garnered over 3 lakh views. Clearly, there nothing is impossible here, but also warrants the greater conversation around how we think of the people who do not belong to urban areas. And her being a woman is cooler. Most women can surprise you, as Bhagwani Devi just did.

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