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Between Infidelity And Domestic Violence, Neha Dhupia Will Stand Up Against Domestic Violence. That’s Her Choice And A Great One

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We know Neha Dhupia as a woman of strength and substance who doesn’t shy away from taking a stand. Pair that with the fact that she is a public figure, she gets subjected to trolling because a lot of people have a low tolerance for views that don’t match theirs. Recently, when Neha called out a male contestant on Roadies for slapping a girl. She said it was her choice and it doesn’t give him the right to physically abuse her. That was misunderstood by several people who accused Neha of underpinning adultery and being gender-biased.

While the internet gnomes unabashedly trolled her and even her family, Neha didn’t move from her stance. She explained that while she doesn’t endorse adultery but between that and domestic violence, the latter is much more painful.

Neha Dhupia told TOI, “For me, I feel everyone is entitled to their opinion and that’s exactly what I exercised. The main thing that I said was I never stood for adultery, but if it is between domestic violence and adultery I felt adultery could lead to a breakup, heartbreak, separation, divorce, and domestic violence to lead to way more. Therefore, I took a stand against domestic violence, and till now I have kept my stand very clear and this is exactly what I wanted to say. I had put out the same thing as my statement on social media.”

I agree with her and unfortunately, a lot of people don’t understand this. Yes, I don’t support adultery but we cannot encourage a culture where a man has the right to “punish” his partner by hitting her. We live in a country that’s already doused in the subversive culture of domestic violence, which has not receded yet. It is this feeling of ownership and the right to punish your partner that leads to such an exhibition of power.

And while we cannot expect every person to agree, it seems like it is difficult for them to even have tolerance for another person’s beliefs. “As far as being trolled is concerned I feel it’s a product of me being a public figure on social media and accessible to them. One is your being entitled to your own opinion and the other thing is that you take it and get abusive towards somebody and their families and that’s not cool according to me,” said Neha.

Unfortunately, these people feel empowered behind a screen and hope that in some way they can hurt a celebrity, who they otherwise wouldn’t even be able to speak to. According to Medscape, trolls lack empathy and often dehumanise the people they try to attack online. They do not see them as real people with feelings. And while Neha is too strong to give them the satisfaction of a win, she explains that one cannot always remain unaffected. “Nobody likes to be trolled and there is no shying away from the fact that for no fault of yours, you wake up to a hurl of insults and then they not only take you down, but they want to take personal jabs at you on your family when you’re not doing that,” Neha told IANS. However, she also said that “sometimes you become so thick skinned that it doesn’t matter.”

“What I was doing was just taking a stand and everything that I had to say I have put out in my statements so I don’t think that I have anything else to say. Will I always stand against domestic violence? Yes, I will,” she further added.

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The trolls are messing with the wrong woman! Neha is not the kind to back down from what she believes in, as much as we’ve seen. And why should she? Domestic violence should not be encouraged at any cost. It’s even worse to entertain a man come on national television and take pride in slapping a woman, for whatever reason. We respect her for taking a stand then and taking a stand now.

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