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This Is Everything You Ever Wanted To Tell Your Bestie!

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They say, friends are the family we choose. But, I think best friends choose us. We just meet those few people who we connect with so beautifully that they become more important to us than our blood relatives.

And the weird part is, quite often, we don’t even realise the importance of our besties. It is that one problem or a fond memory that will remind us of them. But that shouldn’t be the case, right? They deserve more. Much more.

So, we at the Hauterfly HQ faced the camera, to send our BFFs a cute, little message. We wanted to tell them that no matter what, we’ll always be there. In this fast-paced life, this minute-or-so-long video will give you and your bae the feels.

Share it with them and revive the relationship that is the most amazing one.


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