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Bengaluru Woman Flies Different Cities To Steal Handbags From People Shopping In Malls. Nabbed After A Decade!

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Despite being very alert when I am out and about, because you know, I am a woman in India,  I can sometimes be the most forgetful person when it comes to taking care of my belongings. From being guilty of forgetting my purse, my car keys, my phone, handbag at random odd places – ranging from the fridge to my office desk drawer, I can be quite a klutz. And turns out, it is people like me who had been on the radar of one particular woman, who carefully picks who to rob and her modus operandi is quite refined.

Yes you heard that right, Munmun Hussain, a 46-year-old woman is one high-profile thief, who would often take flights from her home city Bengaluru, only to fool and rob people of precious stuff, and then get on the next flight home. Talk about the perfect crime, this one might have given Bollywood screenplay writers their next masterpiece!

Arrested by Mumbai Crime Branch on Wednesday, the woman had allegedly committed numerous thefts all around the country in the past decade, and was already wanted for three cases of stealing bags of customers at Zara and Lakme showrooms. *, makes a mental note of handcuffing handbag to wrist in showrooms*

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Being looked for by police of states like  Kolkata, Hyderabad and Bengaluru, she was ultimately nabbed by the Mumbai Police and also confessed that she had been at this business of stealing (mostly handbags) since the 2009. And to think, it took about 10 years to catch this serial robber. Let’s just be glad we didn’t lose any personal belongings at Zara, considering how much time we spent at the store just walking around and admiring stuff.

The police revealed they started the search for this woman after a woman’s handbag robbed at the  Zara showroom at High Street Phoenix Mall in Lower Parel. Filed at at NM Joshi Marg police station on April 6, 2019, the complaint shared how the victim had lost her phone, gold ornaments and cash – all of which amounted to 14 lakhs. Police Inspector Yogesh Chavan said, “While the complainant was paying the bill, she kept her handbag on the floor and Hussain picked it up and fled.”

He continued saying, “We had managed to get CCTV footage in which Hussain was clearly visible and we had been trying to locate her since then. Through human sources and technical evidence, we managed to identify her and located her in Bengaluru.”

An officer commented on the case and said, “She committed her first crime in Kolkata and has been doing it since then. We believe that there are several other cases registered against her in other cities as well. We are trying to get details.”  And considering how the signature of this woman robber was to fly to a different city the very day, we can see how challenging it must have been to nab her.

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