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This Bengali Couple Printed Their Wedding Menus To Look Like Aadhaar Cards. Now That’s Innovative!

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Ideally, weddings are about celebrating the love between two people and the union of two families. However, it seems like nowadays weddings have become an unofficial competition. Everyone is looking for different concepts that will outdo and outsmart others. From printing QR codes on their wedding invitations to spending exorbitant amounts of money on the bride and groom’s entrance to the mandap, couples and their families are leaving no stone unturned. The Bengali wedding we are discussing today though is going viral for a very innovative idea. You see, the bride and groom decided to print their wedding menu card in the form of an Aadhaar card. It’s kind of an intriguing idea, isn’t it? They should’ve printed QR codes on there for guests to send gift money too. Ensuring that those who don’t pay don’t get food.

The couple, Gogol Saha and Subarna Das were extremely excited to see their wedding menu card go viral. Someone posted a picture of the menu designed like the Aadhaar card on Facebook, and it’s been doing the rounds of social media ever since.

Speaking to the couple revealed how they came up with the bizarre yet innovative idea. The groom, Gogol, said that it was all his wife, Subarna’s idea. They are both big fans of the digital India movement and wanted to show their support. Hence the menu looked like the Aadhaar card. He said, “It was my wife Subarna’s thought, and as we both support ‘Digital India’ what could have been a better way to show support than this?”

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The couple, Gogol and Subharna tied the knot on 1st February. They are both residents of Rajarhat area of Kolkata. Subarna is a health-care professional while Gogol works in sales and marketing.

Gogol further said that their guests were very surprised to see the menus and some even wondered if having an Aadhaar card was mandatory to attend weddings. He also added that a lot of people came up to him to ask if he had left his Aadhaar card on the dining tables. That’s hilarious. It’s like the couple played a little prank on their guests.

This is a very innovative way to show support for the Digital India movement. But it’s kind of bizarre also. What do you think?

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