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10 Times Benedict Turned Us Into ‘Cumberbitches’!

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You just know that it’s going to be a banging year ahead when Sherlock‘s Season 4 marks the beginning of 2017. I agree that the 3-year-long wait was a little much, but hell yes, it’s totally worth it. As Benedict Cumberbatch’s fans like to call themselves, I am a hardcore ‘Cumberbitch’ too. I mean, just look at his sharp cheekbones and the British accent — isn’t he the complete package? Okay, before my eyeballs turn into lovestruck emojis, let me tell you when Benedict started an entire fan revolution of girls drooling for him!



1. When He Set High #HusbandGoals For Us

With his huge fan following, paparazzi is constantly hounding him, but he makes sure that his wife, Sophie, doesn’t have to bear the brunt of his stardom. If this doesn’t make you go ‘aww’, I don’t know what will!



Courtesy: Movie News

2.  When His Chocolate Statue Made Us Drool!

I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said that Benedict looks so delicious — quite literally. Who would care about calories or diet plans when the chocolate looks like this.



Courtesy: TIME

3. When He Was On The Cover Of Time International

The joy of seeing his face around that red border was quite something! TIME magazine agrees that his presence has made a difference to the world! (See, I am not the only one who thinks so.)



4. When He Did The Oh-So Famous Harlem Shake!

You have to give it to him for unleashing his creative avatar by doing the Harlem Shake with his hands. Yes, you read that right. Is there anything this man can’t do?



5. When He Locked Lips In Sherlock

That dramatic entrance sure got our hearts racing! Cumberbitches were shrieking in excitement when he ruffled his hair in the sexiest way possible, and I know of people who have watched and re-watched this 5-second clip (yes, me included).


6. When He Imitated Our Favourite Celebs

What happens when our favourite celeb imitates our other favourite celebs? Sounds too good to be true, right? Right from Taylor Swift to Snape — he nailed ’em all.




7. When He Used His Stardom For A Good Deed

Such a responsible global citizen! The internet went crazy applauding him for driving some much-needed attention to Egypt.



Courtesy: Pinterest

8. When He Gave The Most Adorable Interview Of All Times!

While everyone was wrecking their brains trying to de-mystify Sherlock‘s death scene, he made use of the mushy monkey technique to unravel the mystery in the most adorable way possible!



Courtesy: BBC

9. When He Was Awarded With The CBE

His British accent is something to die for! I mean, it should be a crime for him to stay silent. Even the Queen of England agrees that he is a blessing to the land. He was awarded CBE  for services to performing arts and to charity in 2015, and we were basking in happiness!



Courtesy: We heart it

10. When He Cracked Up Some Kickass Humour

He is a pro when it comes to self-depreciating humour and that smile is something to die for! Just one of the many reasons we love him.


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