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There’s A New Yoga Trend In Town And We’re Totally Down For It!

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Why? Because it involves beer. No, I’m not joking. Taking fitness month to a whole new level, some people in Germany have come up with a crazy practice called Beer Yoga. Actually, it is two super fun humans called Emily and Jhula, who opened up a yoga school in Berlin called Bier Yoga over a year ago, and since then have been encouraging yoga lovers to partake in the fun. They are certified instructors and know what they are doing, in case you doubts. And like all things weird and wonderful, Beer Yoga is now getting immensely famous and has reached the shores of Australia. It won’t be long before it hits our shores too. (I wonder what Baba Ramdev will have to say about this!)

So what’s the deal with this? You perform yoga with a beer bottle or simultaneously do postures while sipping on the drink. Contrary to popular belief, beer can actually be healthy. It strengthens bones, reduces risks of heart attacks, controls diabetes, and much more. And this isn’t a joke or a prank, it means serious business. As the site of Bier Yoga says, “Beer Yoga is fun but it’s no joke – we take the philosophies of yoga and pair it with the pleasure of beer drinking to reach your highest level of consciousness.” What a way to motivate people to stay fit, no?

Fitness resolutions just got a whole lot more doable, and beer drinkers have developed a permanent smirk on their faces. You literally don’t have to do anything extra to be a part of this trend apart from yoga, you know. Still don’t believe me? Check out these Instagram posts and start trusting me, please!















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