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Baroda Women’s Cricket Team Head Coach Has Been Suspended On The Grounds Of Sexual Misconduct. The Quick Action In The Case Is Great

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Okay, I really need someone to explain this to me. Why is it that when a man is in a superior position to a woman, he automatically assumes that it’s okay for him to misbehave? I know what you’re thinking, that isn’t always the case but, let me tell you this, I come across new cases of harassment every day and 80% of the time that is a fact. It’s like they don’t understand how to behave with women. It isn’t that difficult, is it?

All you have to do is treat her the way you are expected to treat human beings- with courtesy. Don’t get too touchy feely when you know she isn’t consenting, don’t pass comments about her body or her body processes, call her out when she wrong but not unnecessarily and take her ideas seriously. It’s called basic human decency and ideally, no one should need a manual for it.

Look, don’t get me wrong I am not saying that all men have no idea how to treat women but from the examples, I get to see every day it is safe to assume that most of them are not only clueless but also ignorant about the matter. Take this latest case for instance.

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Atul Bedade, a former Indian batsman, has been suspended from his role as head coach for the Baroda women’s cricket team. After receiving sexual harassment and misbehaviour complaints about him from a few of the players, the Baroda Cricket Association (BCA) suspended him effective immediately.

The senior players complained about his alleged misbehaviour at a tournament in Himachal Pradesh last month. The suspension letter which has been authorized by BCA secretary Ajit Lele and Senior Manager Human Resources Priyanka Verma outlines his terms of suspension. Though it doesn’t go into the specifics, it outlines what exactly happened.

The letter reads, “The letter is to confirm that you are hereby suspended from Baroda Cricket Association with immediate effect till further inquiry. As outlined in our meeting on March 20, 2020 that we have recorded incidents from complainants involved with women’s cricket that come under the policy of sexual harassment and public shaming.” It further adds, “This includes: Personal comments on physical to personal menstruation. Comments that discourage the morale of team members. Angry outbursts unbecoming of a women’s team coach and using unparliamentary language that is not accepted of a person in-charge. Behaviour oblivious of gender sensitivity.”

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Do you agree with me now? You must. The way Atul Bedade behaved is unacceptable. You can’t pass comments and shame women and think you can get away with it just because you are in a position of power. It doesn’t work that way anymore and we are so glad he got what he deserved.

The BCA didn’t waste any time to suspend him and this should really be an example of how cases like this should be handled by every association and company. They will be investigating further by forming a probe committee to look into these allegations against Atul Bedade.

Obviously, he has denied all claims by saying that all these allegations are “baseless and false”.

I feel like there needs to be classes and lectures (online obviously because well, social distancing) on how to correctly behave with women. Occurrences like these need to stop now.

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