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Badhaai Ho Trailer Proves Sex Is Fun, But Not So Much When Your Parents Are Doing It!

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If there’s one thing we’ve all said about Bollywood and the movies it churns out, is that it’s too formulaic. Once something works, everyone abandons all attempts at pursuing something new and settles into the comfort of routine. For example, we know that biopics are the flavour of the season. But the trailer of Badhaai Ho just released, and it looks nothing like anything you’ve seen before.

The movie stars Ayushmann Khurrana and Sanya Malhotra in the lead roles, and the plot looks super interesting. Ayushmann’s mother, played by Neena Gupta, is pregnant. Wait, what? We told you this wasn’t your average potboiler. From the trailer, we gather that the movie is a telling commentary on how we view sex, pregnancy and the interplay of elements within society, especially when it comes to the older generation.

In a day and age where we are casually coming out of the shackles of orthodox views on sex and sexuality, this is a movie that couldn’t have been released at a more apt time. It looks like we are in for a fun watch!

Watch the Badhaai Ho trailer and tell us what you think in the comments below.


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