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Babita Soren Dug A 15-Feet Deep Well Inside Her House So Her Mother Would Not Have To Walk Everyday To Fetch Water. She Is An Inspiration

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Have you ever stopped to think about all the little things we so casually take for granted? Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying we don’t value the things we have. Oh wait, that’s exactly what I am saying. We have an abundance of food, 24 hours running tap water, an aquaguard to turn that tap water into potable water. And because our needs and luxuries are taken care of, we spend our time worrying about things like gluten-free mix grain bread (do you even know what gluten is? ). Somewhere down the line, we forgot that people struggle terribly to get the things we’ve access to at the click of a button. 

The truth is that a large chunk of our country is still rural areas and in many of these areas, food and water are sparsely available.  I mean, who hasn’t heard the stories of women walking tens of kilometres, come hail or storm, every day to fill water from one community well? That’s their only source of water and though a lot of people have tried to find solutions to this problem, only a select few have succeeded. 

Let’s take 24-year-old Babita Soren who stays in West Bengal’s Asansol, for instance. All her life, she saw her mother walk to the nearest source of water multiple times a day. She always wondered how she can put an end to her mother’s troubles and she found the answer she was looking for when she decided to dig a well inside her house. 

Now, Babita has dug a 15 feet well in her house to ensure that her 50-year-old mother Nina Soren doesn’t have to walk 200m every day and then stand in queue for 30 minutes to fetch water. She started digging this well in late 2019 and finished it when she returned home for the lockdown after her college and hostel shutdown. 

She says, “My mother Nina Soren suffers from anaemia and is very weak. Since I was a child, I used to see her work very hard to fetch water. I used to become very sad. She had to walk under the scorching sun and stand in a queue to bring water. I was trying to come up with a permanent solution. Suddenly it struck me that I can dig a well.” 

Babita has completed her MA in Political Science and is pursuing BEd from Burdwan district. Her father, Hapna, works in a local factory, her brother is a driver and her elder sister works in a local garment shop. 

She said that her father and brother helped her a lot by tying the ropes tightly. Using these ropes she would go down to dig and come up whenever she got the time. She said, “This continued for the last two to three weeks until I hit the water table. Sometimes my sister helped me to bring out the soil but she had her job to sustain.” 

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Babita decided against contacting the village panchayat and digging the well herself since her family would not be able to bear the cost of making the well. Also, because of the lockdown, there were no labourers and waiting would’ve taken time. Well, whoever said women can’t do everything is certainly eating their words right about now. 

On Sunday however, officials from the local authorities found out about the well and they rushed to Babita’s house. The officials were so impressed with what she had accomplished that they are not only making the well bigger but also paying her the money it takes to dig a well. 

Tapas Banerjee, the local legislator and chairman of the Asansol Durgapur Development Authority said, “We were awestruck when we saw the well. We have assured her that the administration will dig the rest and make it a 30-feet deep well so that they can get proper drinking water and make it a concrete one. We will also pay her the money it takes to dig a well. Within this week, she will get a laptop and we are also trying to give her a job.”  

Babita is a true inspiration!

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