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Baba Ramdev Wants Deepika Padukone To Hire Him As Her Adviser. Here’s Why We Think That’s A Bad Idea

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Deepika Padukone is a brand, she is everything most young girls aspire to be in their 30s. But 50 years later, is the next generation going to remember her for all the amazing work she has done in her career and to destigmatize mental health? Nope. All they are going to know is she was the sole actress who actually went into what can only be called a “war zone” and tried to support the side she believed was right. And the tremendous backlash she faced. It sucks. No matter what it looked like, what she did was really brave and she should be lauded for it.

Though, people don’t see it that way. Some see it as a publicity stunt to promote her latest movie Chhapaak and the others see it as a major politically infused move. We will never know what the truth behind why she went out there is, but for some reason, people just can’t seem to let it go.

Most recently, the person or should I say “Swami” who thinks he knows better, is Baba Ramdev. It isn’t surprising since it has been proven that he possesses divine knowledge (sarcasm alert!). This time though, Baba Ramdev strongly disapproves Deepika’s act of visiting JNU and that she did not seek prior approval from him. Well, if Baba Ramdev thinks it is wrong then it must be *rolls eyes*

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In an interview, he said that Deepika should hire him as one of her advisers so she can get the right socio-political knowledge before taking any other “big decisions”. What I see here is, Ramdev fishing for a job and trying to bait Deepika into giving him one. What fun that would be.

He said, “Deepika’s efficiency as an actor is a different ball game. However, she should first study social, political and cultural issues and understand more about our country. After acquiring this knowledge, she should take big decisions.”

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I just want to clarify somethings first. Baba Ramdev is the same person who has earlier said that “Yoga” can “cure” wrongful sexual practices like homosexuality. Seriously, what is wrong with him? Someone really needs to give him a reality check and soon. Talking about his knowledge to cure things that even scientists don’t possess, he has also said earlier that Yoga can cure diseases like cancer and HIV. Wait for the best part.  At some point, he has also claimed that cancer is divine justice for sins committed. And don’t even get me started on his political views, he has said some real random BS.

Do you really think a man who wants to “cure” homosexuality through breathing methods should become an adviser to anyone, let alone one of the most influential actresses in the country? Besides, I think Deepika is knowledgeable enough to make her own decisions and Baba Ramdev is the one that needs an adviser. Or maybe even just a proofreader and a fact-checker should work for him.

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