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Avoid MEN And Follow WOMEN. Healthcare Officials Devise A Hilarious Acronym To Educate People About Safety Measures During The Pandemic

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When the coronavirus entered our lives, we didn’t really know the gravity of what was to come. Soon, the world was forced to shut down and everyone was asked to not step out of their houses. This was nearly 6 months ago. Although, it feels like the only thing that moved in all that time is our spot on the list of most affected countries. We still have no confirmation on how all this began nor do we have any certainty on how, when or whether it will end. Hell, we don’t even know if the precautions we take are enough to protect us from the virus. 

With so much uncertainty and surmounting anxiety, the ‘new normal’ doesn’t seem like a fun way to live. There are so many rules to remember and so many things to be afraid of. Now, I have an urge to run out of the room every time someone as much as coughs or looks like they are going to sneeze. Also, is anyone else having trouble opening doors to like shops or ATMs? I know it sounds crazy but I am overly paranoid so I try and open the door with my elbow so as to not touch it with my palm that I might touch my face with. It’s tough. 

So, to remember all these crazy but totally needed rules and safety protocols, healthcare officials have come up with a fun slogan of sorts. The slogan goes- “Avoid Men, Follow Women Instead”. Of course, the feminist in me was very excited to read this but it’s not what you think. 

You see, in this case, the terms ‘MEN’ and ‘WOMEN’ are acronyms devised by healthcare professionals to remind everyone to follow the basic safety rules. 

MEN stands for- Mouth, Eyes and Nose. And WOMEN stands for Wash your hands with soap, Obey directives, Move away from crowded places. Exercise regularly and Never ignore warning signals.

It’s extremely catchy, isn’t it? Pictures of a school from the Middle East that has issued rather strict guidelines to keep its students safe are going viral on social media. They used the phrase, “Avoid MEN, follow WOMEN instead” to convey their message. Needless to say, social media is using this to make hilarious memes. 

What makes this abbreviation more clever is the fact that various studies show that coronavirus affects men more seriously than it affects women. This is largely because women take all the necessary precautions while men are going through this pandemic believing they are invincible. 

Nevertheless, this hilarious terminology should be followed. It’s an amazing way to educate people and spread awareness about safety measures during this pandemic. 

And who knows, if enough people keep this phrase in mind it might just help people adjust to the new normal better.

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