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Assam Government To Give Rs100 To Every Girl Student For Attending Classes Regularly

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It’s tough living in a world that seems to have been deliberately designed for men. A world where men are favoured, protected and always presented with greater opportunities, it’s been hard to survive as a woman who is comparatively always bogged with responsibilities instead of opportunities. And while leading a life that has always been biased towards men has been the norm, it’s heartening to see that things might be changing, and for the better no less. We say this after the Assam government has decided to give financial incentives to female school and college students for attending their classes regularly.

The state has decided to offer 100 Rs. to every girl who attends her school and classes everyday. The same was announced by Education Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma recently, making it rather a lucrative way to try and get more girls to complete their education and empower the state of women in Assam.

While making this announcement Education Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma also shared that  the state government will be looking at depositing Rs. 1500 and Rs. 2000 respectively for undergraduate and postgraduate students in their bank accounts by the end of the month so that the students can use the money to buy study material and books.

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Times of India shared that Sarma said, “We had planned this last year itself but could not implement it because of the spread of COVID 19. We wanted to pay money for attending classes in both schools and colleges.” Looking at how willing and innovative the government is trying to be towards women and their development, this news has come in as a breath of fresh air.

Not just this, but the Assam government has also decided to give scooters to girl students, to make sure proper and safe travel from their homes to schools. As of now, 948 girl students have received scooters from the state. In fact, the government has also decided that they would continue to give two-wheelers to girl students even if one lakh of them pass the Class 12 board exam in the first division.

With such initiatives and incentives in place, the government seeks to spend Rs 144.30 crore to buy motorbikes for 22, 245 girls who passed the Class 12 board exam in the first division. We are glad that finally women are being empowered to take education seriously and not being shoved into the confines of a kitchen.

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