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#AskHauterfly: What The Hell Is A Trash Tattoo?

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Everybody has a bucket list, and getting inked almost always gets high priority on it. Getting a tattoo is a commitment, a sense of achievement, and in many ways… damn special.

But, among the adorable animal tattoos, the ones with quotes, or the ones that have a favourite memory attached to them, there are tattoos now that look like a 2-year-old has scribbled all over you. Trust me, I’m not exaggerating.

Not a tiny tot, but a Brazilian artist, Helena Fernandes is famous for giving people ‘ugly tattoos’. And guess what, they have become a major hit! So much so that it is a new trend on Instagram that people are going gaga over.

Her Instagram bio says that she calls her artwork and tattoos ‘trash’, but looking at the popularity, she clearly has a loyal audience. A creepy bird, bizarre cartoons, abstract designs and so many more that make absolutely no sense!

But, hey! The Internet is a space where anything and everything can happen. The real question here is: would you dare get an ugly tattoo? All about YOLO, yeah?

Check out a few samples below and let us know what tattoo you want to get!









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