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#AskHauterfly: What To Do If You Are Alone At Home For NYE?

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This is a very, very legit question. Firstly, because most of us are broke, like skip-lunch-because-we-have-no-money type broke. Secondly, the year was one that we collectively hate, and that too with vengeance. So, if you don’t feel like partying, spending your hard-earned money, getting wasted, and puking all over, making decisions that you would regret –we understand.

And you won’t be called a loner or it shouldn’t be depressing to enjoy your own company, right? What’s the big deal anyway, only the date and day will change, like uhmm, every day! The job, the people in your life, your destiny, and everything else is going to remain the same. So, if this NYE you plan to stay at home, we tell you how to make it kickass and trust me, after reading this article you might want to cancel every other plan. This shit is addictive and don’t say I didn’t warn you.



Home Alone On NYE_Hauterfly

1. Movie/Show Marathons

It is the weekend baby and watching your favourite movies will never be a bad plan. How can you make it more amazing? Watch the NYE episodes of all your favourite sitcoms — back to back! Tempting? I know.


Home Alone On NYE_Hauterfly

2. Curl Up And Sleep

We all love a good sleep and there is absolutely no harm in welcoming the new year by curling up on your bed with your warm, fuzzy blanket, and some good music. After all, there is a saying, what we do on NYE, we do that the most for the rest of the year. I love this idea!


Home Alone On NYE_Hauterfly

3. Read A Good Book

If you are a bibliophile, there cannot be a better start to the year than reading a good book. Get engrossed in the world of literature so much that the societal norms don’t bother you, even for a bit!


Home Alone On NYE_Hauterfly

4. Pamper Yourself

If you are going to spend the cash, do it on yourself and not on your drunk friends, who apparently forget their wallets. Splurge on a massage, spa, order some pizza team it up with some wine and you are ready to roll! It is also the perfect time to indulge in online shopping. No traffic on the websites plus the sales — win-win situation, girls.


Home Alone On NYE_Hauterfly

5. Spend Time With Pets

We all know that animals are way better than humans, so spend time with your furry pals this NYE. Also, notice that don’t care if it is the last day of the year, they will love you just as much.


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