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Asha Negi Schooled A Troll Who Commented On Her Picture Asking Her To Get Married Now Because She Is Old.

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There was a time when social media was all fun and games. Now? It’s a space crawling with people who are waiting for to others stumble and fall so they can point and laugh at them. From incessant trolling to flooding a person’s comment section with messages of hate, it’s become a rather negative space. Especially for celebrities. Wouldn’t you agree? They are critically judged for everything and of course, with all the judgement comes a whole lot of unsolicited advice and opinions. That’s exactly what happened with actress Asha Negi. She was told by a netizen that she is getting old and now she should get married. However, she reacted to that troll most epically. 

Before I tell you what the exchange was between this troll and Asha, let me give you a little context. About a month ago, she took to her Instagram to post a throwback picture of her in the mountains for her 30th birthday last year. While it was a stunning picture, one netizen felt an uncontrollable urge to drop his two cents in Asha’s comment section. 

The troll called Asha a “budhi” and asked her to get married because the wall behind her in the picture looks younger than she does. He said, “matlab buddi hogayi shaadi karlo yaar tum se diwaar jawan hai.”  

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I can’t believe we live in a culture where this form of cyberbullying is acceptable. Since when is being old considered an insult? Why is the word “buddi” used in such a negative connotation? Also, can we stop asking women to get married just because they are of a certain age? It’s ridiculous. 

However, Asha handled it perfectly. Calling out this troll, she put up the same picture with the comment underneath it. Accompanying it, the caption read, “When it’s a case of cyberbullying but the humour is too on point!! Dost humour ke 100 points magar is soch ka kya karein?” 

Isn’t that the question we are all asking? We love the way she handled the situation. Although, the most important thing to remember here is that even though she chose to add a comedic spin to this, it’s not okay. Cyberbullying needs to be tackled with. It’s not acceptable to drop hateful and snarky comments on anyone’s social media accounts, celebrity or not. 

Is that so difficult to understand?

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