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As A Child, Sara Ali Khan Was Once Mistaken For A Beggar. As Funny As Her Anecdote Is, It’s A Bit Elitist

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I have been hanging out on Instagram and Twitter a lot. Well, more than usual. Not only because it’s my job but also because that’s where the most interesting content lives. Agreed? From memes to controversies, we don’t want to miss out on the juiciest pieces. Another intriguing thing that social media provides us with is a sneak peek into the lives of our favourite celebrities. Like for instance, without Instagram, we would have missed the clip of Sara Ali Khan narrating an anecdote from her childhood where people mistook her for a beggar dancing on the road and gave her money. 

I know a lot of you are extremely disappointed in Bollywood and most of the celebrities whose names are being drudged up in one of the biggest controversies of our time. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy a small amusing story from there childhood. Especially one that is so funny. 

You see, a small clip from an old interview of Sara’s with Zoom is doing the rounds of social media again. The incident that she is recalling took place when she was a child and her family had gone for an outing. Her parents, Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh had stepped into a store to buy something. She and her brother Ibrahim, who was still in a pram, were waiting outside with their help. 

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In the video, Sara said, “I was outside with my brother, who was in a pram, and we were with our help. It was the three of us outside. I started dancing. People stopped to give money because they thought I was begging. I kept it. I realised, ‘Paise mil rahe hai, kuch bhi kar lo, karte raho (I’m getting money for doing anything, so I might as well keep at it)!’ I started dancing more and more.” 

When her parents came out of the story, her help told them that the passerby’s found Sara so cute that they gave her money. To which Amrita replied, “‘Cute nahi, yeh bhikharan lagi, isliye paise de diye (They did not find her cute, they thought she was a beggar, which is why they gave her money)!”.  

For the life of me, I can’t imagine Sara Ali Khan dancing on the street and people giving her money for it. We all have funny anecdotes from our childhood but this one is hilarious. Although I have to say that if I had thought that way about money from a younger age, I might’ve been as rich as her too. 

There was one thing about the incident that got us thinking though. Doesn’t it sound like she is mocking beggars? No, we are not nitpicking. Watch the video again. The way Sara is talking about being compared to a beggar like it’s the most bizarre thing and the fact that her mother said “bhikaran lag rahi hai”. It came off as her being a tad elitist. Wouldn’t you agree? 

As funny as the video is, it’s extremely important to respect everyone and this story has a tinge of poverty porn to it. 

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