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Article 370 Has Been Scrapped And Just Like Us, Bollywood Is Conflicted About The News!

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Transition they say is one of the most difficult yet rewarding times in one’s life. And while at the moment, the repercussions of something that’s big might be unfathomable, and you aren’t entirely sure it’s good or bad, it’s definitely a big step. The nation is contemplating the recent decision of the government to scrap article 370, that recognises Jammu and Kashmir with a special status. Announced by Home Minister Amit Shah through Constitution Order 2019, and signed on by the President of India, Ram Nath Kovind, as of this moment, Jammu and Kashmir no longer has a special status or autonomy.

Transformation is afoot with Jammu and Kashmir being accorded the status of Union territory with legislature and Ladakh into one without a legislature.  The change is here and while the country is polarised, and we aren’t sure if is good or bad, the decision has definitely stirred up a lot of debate and many voices from Bollywood have chimed in. Showing their support for the good of Kashmir and praying for their freedom, many celebrities took to twitter to voice out their opinions, including the likes of Dia Mirza, Sophie Chaudhary, Kangana Ranaut and many more.

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Kangana wrote, “Scrapping of article 370 was long due, it is a historic step in the direction of terrorism free nation, I have been emphasising on this for the longest time, and I knew if any one could achieve this impossible feat that is Mr Modi, he is not only a visionary he has the required courage and strength of character to make unthinkable a reality  … I congratulate entire Bharat including JnK on this historic day, we are together looking at a very bright future.”.

Author Chetan Bhagat posted a heartfelt tweet saying, “August 5, 2019. Kashmir is finally free. Free to grow, free to make a future. #Article370 goes. #OneCountryOneSystem

Paresh Rawal credited Prime Minister Modi for the milestone change in the constitution and wrote, “Today is the true and complete independence of our motherland.Today  in the true sense of the word INDIA becomes ONE !!! jai Hind.”.

And while many are lending their prayers to Kashmir and appreciating the government for their decision over Kashmir’s autonomy, Pooja Bedi was questioning why it took 60 years to overturn an article that was supposed to be permanent to begin with.

Scrapping Article 370 could be good or bad, but until we figure it out, we are glad that it has opened a conversation around the sensitivity of the status of Jammu and Kashmir, and finally tending to all those people and families, that have lived in transition and turmoil. At least, that’s the hope.

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