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Article 15’s Trailer Talks About Discrimination. This Is What the Country Needs Right Now

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I am in my early 20s, and many will still call me young. Which I am. But I am old enough to understand one thing about living in a country like India – and that is that one must be wary of people and strongly hold on to your belief of what is right. Because in the current scene, where the entire nation is polarised, you need something that you feel strongly about. Here at Hauterfly, we feel strongly about women’s rights, but you already know that.

A country, where a different caste, colour, creed, religion, even mindset, can result in you being at your own pyre, owning up to your individuality comes at the cost of your life. Ayushman Khurrana’s upcoming movie, Article 15, in the same vein talks about how the article coined back in 1950. It explains how the constitution does not discriminate on the basis of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth. It’s something our country needs to be reminded of.

Except, ‘what is’ stands in complete opposition to ‘what should be’. The teaser that dropped about an hour ago, starts with a monologue from Ayushman’s character of the film Anubhav Sinha, who plays the role of a righteous cop, or so it is assumed.

Earlier today, the film also dropped its poster, where the Andhadhun star can be seen in a clean-shaven avatar, wearing sunglasses that reflect a vision of two women hanging on a tree, while a bunch of men look on. Both, the poster and the teaser, are an opening dialogue to one of the most deep-rooted issues that plague the nation, especially with the increasing intolerance for thoughts, ideas or beliefs that are contrary to their own.

We live in a time when people feel entitled to take ‘justice’ in their own hands and it has become almost acceptable to hang people for even falling in love with someone they don’t approve of. The tag line and caption for the movie, “Farq bahut kar liya, ab farq laayenge” is something we’d not only love to see on the screen, but off screen as well. The movie drops in the theaters on 28 June, and has already made its way to our ‘to-watch’ list.


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