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Are You An Emotional Eater? Or Just A Foodie? Take This Quiz To Find Out

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I have a very strong one-sided relationship with food. I admit I am an emotional eater and my food habits largely depend on how much control I have over my emotions in that phase. When I am PMSing, I eat two people’s share of carbs. In fact, I have trouble following a diet mainly because I have made food my source of happiness. But I did go to a dietician and decided to be healthy and all that. I maintained it until my boyfriend left the city and our relationship became long distance. I kid you not, it felt like I am replacing him with food. I let all my willpower – which was acquired after a lot of mental conditioning – go and went into a spiral of unhealthy food habits.

Unfortunately, that relationship didn’t last but my habit of emotional eating did. I sleep peacefully at night, knowing my stash of cereals (my comfort food) is well-stocked. The cheaper, low-quality cornflakes I eat on a regular day. But when it’s an emotional crisis – like a breakup, or being very disappointed by the commitment-phobic guy I fell for – I bring out the expensive, delicious fruit loops, cheerios, and honey loops from my secret cereal stash.

Omg, I got carried away with that. Do you see what I mean? Emotional eaters have a passion for food; we often think about it while working, watching Netflix, or in our dreams. Of course, none of this is healthy considering stuffing your mouth doesn’t solve your problems. It just makes you feel better for a while. On top of it, you’re filling your body with garbage and grease that will do it no good. Are you an emotional eater or just a foodie? Take this quiz to find out.

Mostly As

For most people, food is a source of energy. But for you, it is a source of happiness and motivation. Whenever you feel stressed out, you realise that eating something you like soothes you and now it has become a habit. You have food cravings that don’t die down until you’ve had what you’re lusting for. But remember, it’s food and not love. Don’t immediately go binge on something. Wait for a while and see if you still want to. It will help you control your cravings.

Mostly Bs

You’re an emotional eater but you try to find a balance. You try to eat healthily and limit hogging to those times when you’re really, really distressed. You eat out of boredom but you try to limit the quantity. However, these habits may not harm your body as much compared to compulsive emotional eaters but they are not serving any purpose. Your way of handling stress doesn’t reap any long term benefits – not on your mind, body, or pocket.

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Mostly Cs

Congratulations, you’re a foodie but not an emotional eater, at least not the kind that needs an intervention. It’s completely okay to indulge once in a while and do what makes you happy. You’re doing just fine!

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